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Design and Test Solutions for Advanced Automotive

Accelerate Automotive Design and Test with Flexible, High-Performance Platforms


The intelligent and connected car is no longer a futuristic concept. With each new model launched, leading automobile manufacturers are pushing out increasingly sophisticated navigation, safety and infotainment features.

The excitement over autonomous driving is spurring safety developments, with needs for superb sensor systems that can over-ride bad driver decisions or actions. Other technologies, like vehicular biometry and new connected infotainment gadgets are rapidly changing the dashboards of future cars.

On a broader level, innovations like route tracking and driver health monitoring are set to trigger a need for connectivity to supporting infrastructures by government agencies. Imagine road gantries that monitor how frequently you use busy roads, or automatic carbon-emission report systems, leading to taxation systems based on how eco-friendly your car and your driving habits are.

These are exciting times for automotive electronics manufacturers, and one can see the parallel of Moore’s Law moving onboard the vehicle - only this time, besides transistors, we are talking 5G technology, 802.11ac WiFi, BroadR-Reach, MOST150, CAN, LIN, FlexRay and more.

Applying advanced automotive technologies offers enormous benefits; however, it also triggers new design and test challenges for developers and manufacturers. Based on over 75 years’ experience and technical knowledge of RF, millimeter wave, wireless, and high-speed digital design and test, Keysight Technologies, Inc. provides one of the broadest and most powerful range of automotive design and test solutions from early R&D to manufacturing stages, backed by our team of dedicated technology experts worldwide. Like you, we believe every drive should be maximized for safety, smoothness, and style for every driver and passenger.

Keysight is dedicated to provide innovations in automotive electronics test to help our customers produce better, energy-efficient and greener vehicles.

Testing and Characterizing Automotive Serial Buses

With significantly increasing electronic features and functions, today’s automobiles include a variety of serial buses such as I2 C, SPI, UART, CAN, CAN FD, CXPI, SENT, LIN, FlexRay, BroadR-Reach, and MOST. Automotive serial buses must be able to operate reliably in the harsh electrical environment of the automobile where random and infrequent transients occur. Keysight Automotive Serial Bus solutions solve challenges of designing and testing your automotive serial buses.

Physical layer testing

The primary measurement tools used to test and characterize the physical layer of these buses are oscilloscopes, such as Keysight’s InfiniiVision X-Series and Infiniium Series oscilloscopes.

Serial protocol triggering and decoding

Using an oscilloscope with serial bus protocol triggering and decoding can significantly speed up the debug process by isolating specific messages of interest for analysis. Keysight’s InfiniiVision and Infiniium Series oscilloscopes offer a broad range of protocolspecific options, including the ability to symbolically trigger on and decode the differential CAN bus, which has been the automobile’s “workhorse” serial bus for drive-train and body control for nearly 30 years. In addition, these scopes also support the CANFD, CXPI, LIN, FlexRay protocols which are also widely researched in today’s automotive designs.

Testing and Characterizing Automotive Serial Buses

Automated compliance testing

Considering using high-speed serial buses such as MOST150 or BroadRReach/Ethernet? Each industry standards body specifies required tests for physical layer compliancy. For each standard, Keysight’s Infiniium oscilloscopes offer fully automated applications that perform 100% testing of physical layer compliancy. The application produces a test report that details the results of each test as well as the overall results.

Debugging, characterization, validation and reliability testing at temperature

Temperatures, both high and low, affect the performance and reliability of electronic components, assemblies and systems. The temperature extremes that automotive electronics are subject to are some of the most severe in the electronics industry. Measuring the performance of electronic components, assemblies and systems at these extremes with an oscilloscope requires specialized oscilloscope probes that have been designed to perform under these conditions.

Keysight offers a series of Extreme Temperature Probing solutions for oscilloscope measurements for both voltage and current at temperature ranges from -55 °C to +150 °C.


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