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The Remote Link solution – Keysight’s next generation wireless connectivity solution lets you measure further, easier and faster. Transform your Keysight handheld meters into a wireless remote measurement solution by simply plugging in the U1177A/U1117A IR-to-Bluetooth® adapter. This allows users to safely measure, view and log test measurements with an extended range of up to 100 meters away with U1115A remote logging display. Users can log and monitor data on more display devices such as Windows PCs or iOS/ Android-based smart devices.

  • Perform remote measurement and data logging wirelessly
  • Easily set-up with wide choices of Keysight U1200 Series handheld meters and Keysight U1450/U1460 Series insulation resistance meters1
  • Compatible in multiple platforms2 (Windows PC, Apple iOS, Android)


1. Refer to Table 1 for Keysight handheld meters compatibility

2. Refer to Table 3 for Remote Link application and software compatibility

Improve work safety with 10 times MORE distance

On site testing in large industrial site can be challenging and hazardous when dealing with live machineries or high voltage equipment. By connecting your handheld meter1 with U1117A IRto-Bluetooth adapter and U1115A remote logging display, you can view and log measurements wirelessly up to 100 meters away. Get more wireless measurement distance to diagnose and evaluate live machinery from afar without having to be physically present – ensuring your safety and comfort level.

Compatible with MORE handhelds

The Remote Link is able to communicate via Bluetooth to 20 Keysight U1200 Series handheld meters, including the new U1450/U1460A Series insulation resistance testers.1 Now you can save investment cost by using existing Keysight handheld meters that you have already owned. The wide selection of handheld meters cater to various application needs to get real-time measurements from a basic, compact and low cost handheld meters.

Support MORE display devices

The Remote Link solution offers versatility to work with more display devices. Now you can log and display measurement readings either on the U1115A remote logging display, iOS and Android smart devices or on a Windows PC. With the wide supportability range, it allows you to multi-task by being able to measure various test points at the same time.

Handheld meter models that are compatible with U1177A/U1117A and U1115A

New U1117A IR-to-Bluetooth adapter (Class 1)

  •  Supports Android and iOS smart devices
  •   100 meters measurement range capability (Please refer to the connectivity distance table below)

Existing U1177A IR-to-Bluetooth adapter (Class 2)

  •  Supports Android smart devices
  •  10 meters measurement range capability (Please refer to the connectivity distance table below)                                                                                                

Connectivity distance (approximate) within the line-of-sight

Remote Link application and software compatibility

U1115A remote logging display

Keysight Mobile Meter Application (iOS/Android)

Monitor up to three multimeter measurements at the same time with Keysight Mobile Meter.

Keysight Mobile Meter is a free iOS or Android application software that allows iOS or Android based smart devices to connect, control and perform up to three handheld meter measurements.

– Log and monitor up to three measurements simultaneously without the need to be physically present

– Make measurements from a safe distance

– Eliminates the need to walk back and forth between measurement points

– Save money, time and achieve higher work productivity

Keysight Mobile Logger Application (iOS/Android)

Perform data logging up to three multimeters – wirelessly and simultaneously!

Keysight Mobile Logger is the free iOS or Android application software that logs data and provides trending graphs from Keysight handheld meters.

  •  Capture data streams or plot trending graphs
  •  Used for analysis to identify intermittent behavior or detect drifts
  •  Email functions, Short Message Service (SMS), pan and zoom function via iOS/Android device’s touch screen
  •  Create mathematical functions and plot trending graphs


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