InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series Oscilloscopes

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InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series Oscilloscopes

Need More Memory, Bandwidth, Analysis Capability, or Bits?

Consider the Infiniium S-Series

• 500 MHz, 1 GHz, 2 GHz, 2.5 GHz, 4 GHz, 6 GHz, 8 GHz

• 20 GSa/s

• 100 Mpts standard, up to 800 Mpts optional (half channel)

• 4 channels + 16 digital channels (MSO or upgrade)

• 10 bits of vertical resolution

• Industry’s largest 15-inch touch display

• Widest range of applications including serial compliance, jitter analysis and more

See for details.

New Standard for Price Performance: Bandwidth, Visualization, and Integration

In the past, if you wanted an oscilloscope with exceptional performance, you could expect to pay a premium. Not anymore. The InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series oscilloscopes combine price and performance to set a new standard in the portable oscilloscope world. Imagine a 6 GHz bandwidth oscilloscope that sees and triggers on everything, helps you visualize complex waveforms and grows with your projects.

The InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series oscilloscopes are designed for the most demanding engineers who want bandwidth, visualization power and the flexibility that comes with integrated capabilities — but with portability, a familiar embedded OS user interface, and an affordable price.

New bandwidth standard: Capture higher-frequency waveforms

An oscilloscope’s bandwidth determines the maximum frequency content it can acquire and visualize. In today’s budget-challenged environment, engineers frequently are forced to make compromises between more bandwidth and limited budget. The 6000 X-Series delivers the answer with an affordable 6-GHz bandwidth and an incredibly low noise floor of 210 µVrms at 1 mV/div to help you make the most accurate measurements.

New visualization standard: Isolate waveforms of interest

The new InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series’ 450,000 waveforms-per-second update rate coupled with the exclusive hardware-based zone touch trigger provide unprecedented visualization power to help you isolate your waveforms of interest. Add a whole new depth of “visualization” to your designs with features like the industry’s first 12-inch multi-touch capacitive touch screen with gesture support, the first embedded-OS-oscilloscope optional jitter/real-time eye analysis, and standard histogram and color grade.

New integration standard: Make your job easier

The 6000 X-Series has 7-in-1 integration, combining digital channels, serial protocol analysis, a built-in dual-channel waveform generator, frequency response analysis, built-in digital multimeter, and built-in 10-digit counter with totalizer. It also integrates multi-language voice control for the first time in an oscilloscope. It weighs only 6.8 kg, measures only 15.4 cm deep, and consumes only 200 W, making the 6000 X-Series the world’s most environmental-friendly multi-GHz portable oscilloscope.

The InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series sets the new standard.

Key features of the 6000 X-Series oscilloscopes

New bandwidth standard:

• Portable, 6-GHz, 20-GSa/s

• 210-µVrms noise floor at 1 mV/div (6 GHz)

• 115-µVrms noise floor at 1 mV/div (1 GHz)

New visualization standard:

• > 450,000 wfms/sec update rate

• Hardware zone touch trigger

• 12.1-inch capacitive multi-touch screen

• Histogram, color grade, jitter analysis (option), real-time eye diagram analysis (option), and more

New integration standard:

• 7 instruments in 1 (now with 10-digit counter)

• Standard multi-language voice control

• Bandwidth and options are upgradable

Overview of the Keysight InfiniiVision X-Series oscilloscopes


Superior signal integrity with total-cost- of-ownership leadership 6 GHz, 20 GSa/s

When you choose your next oscilloscope, bandwidth is the most important specification to consider, as it defines the maximum frequency content your oscilloscope can acquire. Acquiring signals with faster edge rates or faster fundamental frequencies requires higher-bandwidth scopes to make the most accurate measurements. However, the higher the bandwidth of your oscilloscope, the higher the price is likely to be.

Sample rate is the second important specification, as it determines the time span between each acquired sample point, and it ultimately becomes the limiting factor of the oscilloscope’s bandwidth. In a modern oscilloscope with a brickwall filter response, the sample rate must be at least 2.5 times higher than the bandwidth. So a scope with 6-GHz bandwidth requires a sample rate of at least 15 GSa/s to avoid aliasing.

With the InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series, you can get up to 6-GHz bandwidth and a 20-GSa/s sampling rate so you can confidently measure signals with rise times faster than 150 ps or signals with higher than 2-Gbps NRZ (non-return to zero) data signal rates.

Explore Figures 1 through 4 to see the power extra bandwidth delivers to your measurements.


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