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Infiniium Z-Series Oscilloscopes

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Infiniium Z-Series Oscilloscopes

Achieve new extremes

– 63 GHz of real-time bandwidth on 1 or 2 channels

– 33 GHz of real-time bandwidth on 2 or 4 channels


Achieve new extremes

With the emergence of technologies pushing hundreds of Gb/s, an oscilloscope must now have high bandwidth, low noise and fast processing. That is the idea behind the Keysight Technologies, Inc. Infiniium Z-Series oscilloscopes. They feature up to 63 GHz of real-time oscilloscope bandwidth and the industry’s lowest noise and jitter measurement floors.


– 63 GHz of real-time oscilloscope bandwidth

– The industry’s only upgradable channel oscilloscope in a single frame (from 2 to 4 channels)

– The industry’s lowest noise and jitter measurement floor

– The industry’s highest ENOB at bandwidths up to 63 GHz

– The industry’s deepest memory (up to 2 Gpts)

Advanced IC Design and Technology Help You Solve Your Biggest Problems

At the extremes of electrical and optical measurements ...

You need to make rise time measurements without being limited by scope bandwidth

The Z-Series is Keysight Technologies’ second generation of enabling 63 GHz of oscilloscope bandwidth. RealEdge technology is implemented using a unique combination of time interleaving, frequency interleaving and proprietary signal processing.

You need to see your signal and not oscilloscope noise

The Z-Series leverages technology from the award-winning Infiniium 90000X and 90000Q Series oscilloscopes, which provide leading signal integrity specifications. The Z-Series takes advantage of leading-edge indium phosphide chip technology and custom thin film packaging technology, which ultimately leads to the lowest-noise-, real-time oscilloscope in the world. With industry-leading bandwidths, Z-Series scopes let you see your fastest signals as they really are.

You need fast analysis and hardware acceleration

The Z-Series has a capacitive touch screen, new processor and 16 GB of RAM to ensure faster processing than previous-generation Infiniium oscilloscopes.

The Oscilloscope — Digital Measurement and Analysis

With 63 GHz of bandwidth to capture rise times as fast as 5 ps and recover clocks on NRZ data rates as fast as 120 Gbit/s, the Z-Series is the world’s fastest real-time oscilloscope. Its four channels at 33 GHz make it ideal for 32 Gb/s and greater SERDES designs. In addition to providing leading-edge bandwidth, the Z-Series helps you to find your real edge, by featuring the industry’s lowest noise and jitter measurement floor, which means less scope noise in your measurements and a truer depiction of your signal.

Z-Series features the following to enable extreme digital analysis

1. Full offline analysis

2. Flexible user interface that supports multiple displays and multi-touch

3. Two unique jitter separation algorithms, including bounded uncorrelated jitter (BUJ) breakdown

4. Clock recovery on NRZ data rates as fast as 120 Gb/s

5. Memory depth that captures milliseconds of data at 160 GSa/s

The Spectrum Analyzer — Radar and Satellite Communications Analysis

You need to easily compute both magnitude and phase

Infiniium Z-Series oscilloscopes include a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) for frequency domain (spectrum) analysis. The integrated FFT offers an alternative to a dedicated spectrum analyzer. Use the FFT to compute both magnitude and phase and take advantage of several useful features to assist in spectral analysis. The FFT can control span and resolution bandwidth. Automatic measurements and markers measure spectral peak frequencies and magnitudes as well as deltas between peaks. Use the amplitude demodulation (envelope mode) to measure rise and fall times on the entire envelope.


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