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E5063A ENA Vector Network Analyzer – Brochure


The Best Balance Between Price and Performance

The Keysight E5063A ENA is an affordable benchtop vector network analyzer (VNA) for testing simple passive components such as antennas, filters, cables or connectors up to 18 GHz. The E5063A provides the best balance between price and performance to satisfy your business and technical requirements. It leverages the consistent measurement framework of the industry standard ENA Series to boost efficiency and productivity, and is future proof and ready to evolve as the technologies change.

DUT examples

Antennas for smartphones, cellular base stations, WLAN, and other wireless communication devices

Other simple RF passive components such as filters, cables, connectors, attenuators, couplers, isolators, and dividers

Impedance test of PC board (PCB)

Wireless power transfer coils/resonators

Dielectric materials

Solid performance at an affordable price

The E5063A delivers a great combination of performance, accuracy and repeatability all at an affordable price. The E5063A is a safe investment to lower your total cost of ownership.

Trace noise (0.002 dBrms1) and stability (0.01 dB/°C2) The best-in-class performance comparable to higher-end ENA models

Enables accurate measurements of low-loss devices

Dynamic range (maximum 122 dB3) Satisfies test requirements of simple RF passive components.

You can choose the best suited frequency range from 8 different frequency options (500 M/1.5 G/3 G/4.5 G/6.5 G/8.5 G/14 G/ 18 GHz) depending on your test needs and budgets. In addition, the frequency upgradability allows you to start your investment with the lower-priced 500 MHz option and later upgrade it to higher frequency options up to 18 GHz options when necessary. Optimize your invest­ment for your current and future needs with the E5063A.

Improve your productivity with ECal calibration

Keysight offers a variety of calibration kits with different connector types, frequency ranges, or prices. Keysight also offers electronic calibration (ECal) modules. The ECal is a solid-state device with programmable, and repeatable impedance states, and requires only one set of connections to perform a calibration. Therefore it greatly improves your productivity and minimizes operator’s error.

The Keysight N755xA series is the economy 2-port ECal family equipped with either Type-N or 3.5 mm connectors which offers the convenience of an ECal at a lower price point. The N755xA is supported by the E5063A with the firmware revision A.03.72 or above to lower your cost of ownership.

The best solution for PCB manufacturing test

As the operating speed of electronic circuits increase, signal integ­rity of printed circuit boards (PCBs) drastically affects performance and there is an increasing requirement for controlled impedance PCBs. In addition, with the proliferation of wireless devices, such as smartphones and tablets, there is a trend to integrate antennas onto PCBs. Therefore, in addition to the traditional time domain impedance measurement, there is a growing need to measure the frequency domain response of PCB integrated antennas.

The E5063A PCB Analyzer requires the E5063A Option 011 (Time domain analysis/Test Wizard). The E5063A provides frequency domain measurement capability and Option 011 adds time domain analysis capability, as well as a dedicated graphical user interface for PCB manufacturing test1.

Wireless Power Transfer Analysis

With the evolution of cloud computing systems and highly integrated mobile terminals, various types of digital contents and applications can be enjoyed in the palm of your hand today. As a result, power consumption in mobile terminals rapidly increases, raising demands for more convenient and versatile ways of battery charging. Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) technology has drawn much attention recently as one of the realistic solutions and is widely discussed and researched.

Power transfer efficiency in WPT systems is one of the challenges for WPT technology, and it largely relies on quality of components used in these systems. To ensure system performance and interoperability, it is important to specify test requirements and perform tests of coils or resonators in both transmitters and receivers.

The E5063A offers a software solution (E5063A Option 006) to analyze voltage, current, and power transfer efficiency of WPT systems in real-time from 50 ohm based S-parameter measurements. You can also define arbitrary load impedance to simulate power transfer efficiency when batteries are connected. Measurement results of frequency, resistance (R) or reactance (X) of the load impedance can be visualized in 2D or 3D to help you more easily understand the dependency of load impedance in your system1.

Materials measurement software

A dielectric materials measurement can provide critical design parameter information for many electronics applications such as complex permittivity, loss tangent or permeability.

Keysight offers a variety of instruments, fixtures, and software to measure the dielectric properties of materials. The N1500A materials measurement suite is available to calculated dielectric properties from S-parameter measurements using Keysight vector network analyzers including the E5063A. For more details about materials measurement solutions, visit Keysight website, www.

Fixtures to hold the material under test (MUT) are available that are based on coaxial probe, parallel plate, transmission lines or resonant cavity methods. The type of fixture required will depend on the chosen measurement technique and the physical properties of the material (solid, liquid, powder, gas).

The N1501A dielectric probe kit includes the coaxial probe, probe stand and cable

The N1501AExx split post dielectric resonators (SPDR) for thin sheet materials. 


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