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Surveyor 4D Software

Technical Overviews

Attribute-Based Product Structure (ABPS)

The Keysight N6820ES Surveyor 4D software has a new product structure. Previously, the structure consisted of a parent part number, options to select the features, and options to select the term of support subscription. Therefore, software bundles are no longer available.

The new ABPS includes standalone features and support options that are purchased separately.

New Surveyor 4D ABPS products

The three new Surveyor 4D products include two platforms and one feature.

N6820HFPE platform enables Surveyor 4D to connect to the new Keysight N6831A HF receiver

N6820VRXE platform enables Surveyor 4D to connect to an IQ time-series data file using a new VRx player. The platform can also be used with the S79x0A record and playback solutions.

N6820AL9E feature enables Surveyor 4D to intercept and process HF 2G ALE signals. This software feature is ITAR controlled.

Surveyor 4D feature support

You can order support subscriptions, such as KeysightCare, for each feature during the quoting process or post purchase. Support terms, up to 5 years are available. An example order for a 3-year KeysightCare support subscription would be ordered as SW1000-SUP-01 (36 months, Transportable).

Surveyor 4D software release

The latest E.4.5 Surveyor 4D software will be the last release to support both legacy and ABPS licensing. All new orders are placed using the ABPS product numbers. Users with an active Surveyor 4D subscription (i.e., N6820ES-1RU) can transition to the new ABPS product numbers with the help of Keysight Support.


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