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U2300A Series USB Modular Multifunction Data Acquisition Devices

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The Keysight Technologies, Inc. U2300A Series USB Modular Multifunction Data Acquisition (DAQ) devices offer a high-performance PC data-acquisition solution. The U2300A Series DAQ devices consist of two families: the basic multifunction DAQ comes in four models while the high density multifunction DAQ is made up of three models. The U2300A Series DAQ devices applications extend across industrial and education environments. Extending across industrial and education environments, the U2300A series DAQ with fast sampling rates is well suited for research and development, manufacturing as well as design validation designers.


• Up to 3 MSa/s sampling rate for a single channel

• Functions as a standalone or modular unit

• Easy to use: Plug-and-play and hot swappable with Hi-Speed USB 2.0

• Up to 384 channels when incorporated into U2781A modular product chassis

• Easy-to-use bundled software for quick setup and data logging to PC

• 12-bit or 16-bit analog-to-digital (A/D) resolution

• 24-bit programmable digital input/output

• Self-calibration capability

• Compatible with a wide range of Keysight Development Environments (KDEs)

• USB 2.0 and USBTMC-USB488 standards

• NEW! Control, automate and simplify with Keysight BenchVue software. Now included.

High sampling rate

The U2300A Series DAQ devices can generate sampling rates of up to 3 MSa/s for a single channel. When multiple channels are configured, the device can sample data up to 1 MSa/s. The fast sampling capability allows users to perform intermittent detection easily. This is ideal when dealing with high density analog input/output signals especially when juggling between different input ranges and sampling requirements.

Flexible standalone or modular capability

The U2300A Series DAQ devices are uniquely designed with the flexibility to function as a standalone unit or as a part of a modular unit. When used together with the U2781A modular product chassis, the devices has the capability to support up to 384 channels.

Flexible system and control options with polling and continuous mode

The U2300A Series DAQ devices have two modes, polling mode and continuous mode. Selecting continuous mode enables you to acquire data continuously once the trigger signal is received.

Arbitrary waveform

Designed to support arbitrary waveforms, the U2300A Series allows you to generate arbitrary waveform via SCPI commands.

Burst mode

Equipped with the burst mode, the enhancement feature enables simultaneous mode for analog input acquisition. Now can you can perform sampling measurement up to the highest possible speed of the DAQ.

Trigger sources

U2300A Series offers various trigger options from immediate trigger (none), analog/external digital trigger, System Synchronous Interface (SSI)/ Star trigger and Master/Slave trigger sources. These entire trigger options has the capability to configure trigger sources during A/D and digital-to-analog (D/A) operations. Selecting the slave trigger and SSI/Star trigger are recommended when the USB modules are used together with the U2781A USB modular product chassis.

Predefined function generator

Aside from supplying DC voltage, the two analog output channels are capable of generating common and predefined waveforms such as sinusoidal wave, square wave, triangle wave, sawtooth wave and noise wave.


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