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86108B Precision Waveform Analyzer

Data Sheets

Data Sheet

Engineered for easy and accurate characterization of high-speed electrical designs from 50 Mb/s to 32 Gb/s.

Unprecedented performance

– Bandwidths to 50 GHz

– Ultra-low timebase jitter < 50 fs rms (typical)

– Integrated clock recovery (CR) to 32 Gb/s

– Adjustable clock recovery loop bandwidth/peaking

Unmatched value and lexibility

– Lowest cost oscilloscope solution for 1 0-28 Gb/s signals

– Continuous data rate coverage from 50 Mb/s to 32 Gb/s

– Simple and easy connections

– Upgradable hardware (BW and CR options)

Advanced analysis capability

– Jitter Spectrum Analysis

– PLL characterization including loop BW/jitter transfer

– Analyze closed eyes using trigger from Aux CR input

As high-speed electrical communication systems and components increase in data rates to 25 Gb/s and beyond, design and validation engineers are faced with the difficult task of accurately characterizing the true performance of their designs. The Keysight Technologies, Inc. 86108B Precision Waveform Analyzer is a plug-in module used with the 86100C/D Infiniium DCA family of oscilloscopes that provides an ideal solution to this measurement challenge. With industry-best residual jitter well below 70 femtoseconds (<50 fs typical!), channel bandwidths to 50 GHz, and an integrated instrumentation-grade hardware clock recovery circuit, the 86108B is engineered to provide accurate jitter analysis, eye diagram, and waveform characterization on signals from 50 Mb/s to 32 Gb/s. The 86108B provides a “gold standard” for waveform accuracy and translates into confidence that the waveform displayed by the oscilloscope is a faithful representation of the true device performance.


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