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PXI Digital Multimeters, 61/2 Digit, High Performance (M9182A, M9183A)

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Keysight’s M9182A and M9183A 6½ digit high performance PXI digital multimeters (DMMs) offer fast throughput, flexible measurements, and trustworthy results. The M9182A provides ten built-in measurement types with all the accuracy and stability you would expect from 6½ digit DMM. The M9183A provides the same capabilities as the M9182A, with market-leading measurement speed of up to 15,000 readings per second, additional ranges, and a DC source.

Industries and Applications

Aerospace and defense

Automotive electronics test

Industrial electronics test

Medical device test

Semiconductor and component test


6½ digit resolution

Up to 15,000 readings per second, 66 μs single reading interval time (M9183A)

Up to 4,500 readings per second, 222 μs single reading interval time (M9182A)

Basic 1 year DCV accuracy of 40 ppm

DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, 2- and 4-wire resistance, frequency, period, capacitance, and temperature

Pulse width, duty cycle, and totalizer/event counter (M9183A)

DC voltage and current source (M9183A)

External trigger in and DMM out, to synchronize with external multiplexers and instruments

Analog threshold trigger with pre- and post- levels for measuring the correct signal

Floating isolation (CAT II) to 300 V

Software drivers to support most common programming environments

Chassis connector compatibility: PXI-1 (J-1 only), PXIe hybrid slot

Customer Values

Measurements you can trust

Higher test throughput due to the lowest latency

Application development in the environment of your choice reduces development time

Customer supportable calibration procedures as well as calibration services available from Keysight

Easy Setup… Test… and Maintenance

Hardware Platform


The M9182A and M9183A 6½ digit DMMs are PXI compliant, using either a cPCI (J1), PXI-1 (J1) or PXIe Hybrid slot. Designed to benefit from fast data interfaces, an M9182A or M9183A DMM can be integrated with other test and automation modules in a PXI, CompactPCI, or Hybrid chassis. The PXI format offers high performance in a small, rugged package. It is an ideal deployment platform for many automated test systems. A wide array of complementary PXI products are currently available. Products from Keysight include switches, multiplexers, digitizers, waveform generators, and local oscillators.

Software Platform

IO Libraries Suite

Keysight IO Libraries Suite offers fast and easy instrument connections. IO Libraries Suite 16.1 supports PXI, helping you display all of the modules in your system, view information about installed software and allows you to more easily find the right driver and start module soft front panels directly with Keysight Connection Expert.

National Instruments IO libraries are also supported, and may be used along with Keysight IO libraries.


Keysight’s digital multimeters come complete with software drivers for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit). These software drivers work in the most popular test and measurement development environments including: LabVIEW, Visual Studio (C, C++, C#, Visual Basic), MATLAB, and VEE.

Easy Software Integration

Application code examples are included for LabVIEW, Visual Basic, C/C++, C#, and MATLAB – demonstrating DMM set up and basic functionality. These application code examples can be used to help you integrate the DMM module into your measurement system.

Soft Front Panel

The soft front panel provides easy to use instrument control. The M9182A and M9183A graphical user interface guides developers through module setup so users can quickly configure the DMM.

One notable feature of the soft front panel is the Driver Call Log which allows the user to see the driver calls for each button pushed. The user can then incorporate the driver calls into the their application program – enabling fast and easy program development.


Each M9182A and M9183A DMM is factory calibrated and shipped with an ISO-9002, NIST-traceable calibration certificate.

Calibration is required once per year. A documented calibration process allows you to do in-rack calibration using standard calibration sources. Alternatively, Keysight and 3rd party calibration labs offer calibration services for the M9182A and M9183A DMMs.


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