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Research often goes beyond scientific discovery to become the discovery of new sciences. As you develop hypotheses, new theorems and theories to expand the world’s knowledge, confidence in measurements is paramount. In research laboratories around the world, Keysight Technologies, Inc. instrumentation and partnership has become an integral part of advanced experimental systems.

By offering solutions and services for leading-edge electronic design and test, Keysight works in close collaboration with engineers, scientists, and researchers around the globe to meet the communications, electronics, life sciences, material sciences and chemical analysis challenges of today and tomorrow. Keysight is committed to providing innovative measurement solutions that enable our customers and partners deliver products and services that make a measurable difference in the lives of people everywhere.

This brochure highlights key research areas such as: materials measurement, device characterization, millimeter-wave, nanotechnology, RF and communications, digital and photonic and renewable energy, as well as the solutions that can help you meet your research and development objectives. Keysight offers a full breath of electronic design and test solutions for both teaching and research labs.

Materials Measurement

E4990A Precision Impedance Analyzer, 20 Hz to 120 MHz

This is an integrated solution for the measurement and analysis of components and circuits as well as dielectric, magnetic and semiconductor materials. Its equivalent circuit function automatically extracts a circuit model from measured data, letting you analyze the characteristics of your device or material. Additional test fixtures allows for dielectric constant and impedance measurements of liquids.

E4991B Impedance/Material Analyzer, 1 MHz to 3 GHz

This instrument offers ultimate impedance measurement performance and powerful built in analysis function. The optional 16453A dielectric material test fixture enables measurements of dielectric constant and loss tangent of solid materials, while the 16454A magnetic material test fixture offers accurate permeability measurements of toroidal — shaped magnetic materials.

ENA, PNA-L, PNA and PNA-X Series Network Analyzers

From 5 Hz to 1.5 THz, choose from a growing selection of RF and Microwave network analyzers with the appropriate accessories for your materials measurement needs. Further analysis can be done by adding the N1501A dielectric probe kit to measure complex permittivity of liquids, conformable solids, or smooth flat hard solids. High temperature, slim form and performance probes are available, and waveguide, free space and NRL arch methods are supported. Add the N1500A material measurement suite with appropriate sample holders and test fixtures to measure electromagnetic properties of dielectric and magnetic materials over a broad frequency range.

Device Characterization in TeraHertz

Directly Connected PNA-X-based Solutions

These solutions connect directly to the front panel of a dual source PNA-X network analyzer and do not require a millimeter-wave test set controller. This configuration with allows full S-Parameter measurements up to 1.5 THz, and is a fully integrated solution that provides stable and repeatable measurements in the THz frequencies using a PNA-X.

The Key features of this solution are:

•Does not require a test set controller

•Supports full S-parameter measurements within a waveguide band with a dual source PNA-X network analyzer with either 2- or 4-ports

•Uses external power supplies that come with the recommended frequency extenders from Virginia Diodes Inc

•Frequency offset mode of the PNA-X is utilized to drive the frequency extenders

•Currently support power calibration and power sweep with all of Keysight’s recommended frequency extenders

•Allows use of a higher IF frequency for the test and reference signals and can be driven with either a 26.5, 44, 50 or 67 GHz PNA-X network analyzer

•A downloadable macro is available from Keysight that simplifies the setup of the frequency offset mode

Millimeter-wave Measurements

N5290/91A Single-Sweep Millimeter-Wave Solutions

N5290A/91A is single-sweep millimeter-wave solution based on PNA and PNA-X vector network analyzers. This operates from 900 Hz to 110 GHz (N5290A), or up to 120 GHz with over-range capability to 125 GHz (N5291A). The N5290/91A solutions come fully configured around the PNA/PNA-X network analyzers, and include a millimeter-wave test set controller (N5292A), Keysight designed frequency-extender modules (N5293/95AXxx), and the necessary cables to allow users to make either 2- or 4-port measurements over the entire frequency range. The broadband N5290/91A millimeter-wave solutions provide high-performance measurement capability complimented by measurement applications from the PNA/PNA-X that include pulsed-RF, gain compression, 4-port true-differential, scalar mixer/converter measurements, and spectrum analysis.

Key features

•Provides 2- and 4-port S-Parameter and other measurements from 900 Hz to 110 GHz (N5290A) or 120 GHz (N5291A) in a single sweep.

•Accurate and Traceable measurement from 900 Hz to 120 GHz with rugged 1 mm connectors.

•Available various software application for detail analysis

N5292A Millimeter-Wave Test Set Controller for PNA/PNA-X

The N5292A millimeter-wave controller provides 2- or 4- port interface capability to the millimeter-wave frequency extender modules and with a PNA or PNA-X Series B model network analyzers.

•2- or 4-ports (N5292A-200 or 400)

•Both Keysight designed frequency extenders (N5293/95AXxx) and OML/VDI head modules can be connected.

•Accurate and stable measurements with dedicated Interface connectors and cables to the frequency extenders

•Available adapter kits for existing OML/VDI frequency extender modules (required power supplies for extenders)


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