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M9502A and M9505A 2- and 5-slot AXIe Chassis

Data Sheets

Data Sheet

Product Description

The Keysight Technologies, Inc. M9502A and M9505A AXIe chassis are fully compatible with the AXIe 1.0 specification. They provide 2 or 5 slots for AXIe instrument modules and have an embedded system module that does not take up an instrument slot.

The embedded system module (ESM) provides Gigabit LAN and Gen 2 x8 PCIe® interfaces for connecting the chassis to an external controller. To minimize rack space, the instrument module slots are arranged horizontally.

In addition, the chassis are designed to be easily maintained. Both the power supply and fan tray can be removed with modules installed while the chassis remains in the rack.


  • Aerospace and defense
  • Computation
  • Communications
  • Electronics test
  • Semiconductor testing
  • High-energy physics


  • AXIe 1.0 compliant
  • Embedded system module with Gen 2 PCIe x8 and Gigabit LAN interfaces for connecting to host computer
  • Keysight-exclusive, built-in inter-chassis synchronization for multi-chassis systems
  • 62 differential local bus lines provide very large data path between adjacent modules
  • High power with 200W cooling per slot
  • Front-removable fan tray

Customer Values

  • AXIe chassis provide a high-performance platform to compliment PXI-based systems
  • The compact, 2-slot chassis is ideal for transportable applications, but is also rack-mountable
  • The 5-slot chassis provides a cost-effective solution when more AXIe slots are required
  • The embedded AXIe system module and horizontal module placement save rack space, requiring only 2U or 4U, depending on model
  • With the innovative cooling design, no additional rack space is required to meet cooling specifications


The M9502A and M9505A chassis are fully compliant with the AXIe 1.0 specification. An additional half height slot is built into the chassis and reserved for the embedded system module.

This slot is not compatible with AXIe instrument modules or embedded computers. Embedded controllers must be installed in one of the instrument module slots.

Backplane configuration

The AXIe backplane in the Keysight M9502A and M9505A chassis include all of the following AXIe backplane lines:

  • Timing and triggering signals including: 100 MHz clock, 100 MHz PCIe clock (FCLK), point-topoint star trigger from ESM
  • (SYNC), bi-directional point-to-point star trigger
  • (STRIG), and 12 signal parallel trigger bus (TRIG)
  • Distributed PCIe Gen 2 data fabric from ESM (x4 to each slot) plus a secondary PCIe data fatbric
  • Distributed gigabit Ethernet LAN to each slot
  • 62-pair local bus for adjacent module signaling or data transfer (AXIe only requires 18 pairs)
  • DC power rail (normally 45-53 VDC)
  • Intelligent Platform Management Bus (IPMB) for chassis control, including module power-up

Embedded system module (ESM)

Both the M9502A and M9505A chassis contain an embedded system module that does not take up an instrument slot. This module performs the chassis management functions contained in the AXIe specification, including:

  • Managing trigger and clock busses
  • Managing clocks, including internal or external reference sources
  • Gigabit LAN switching with a front panel RJ45 LAN connection (see module documentation to determine if it is supported for LAN communications)
  • AXIe Fabric 1 switching (Gen 2 x4 lanes to each module slot)
  • Monitoring the health of the chassis subsystems and modules
  • Controlling the chassis cooling fans, and managing the chassis power-up sequence


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