N6780 Series Source/Measure Units (SMU) for the N6700 Modular Power System

Data Sheets

Data Sheet

Deliver exceptional battery life

For many years, the trend in the consumer electronics market has been to make an increasing number of devices integrated and portable. As a result, smartphones, “phablets,” eBook readers, tablets, and MP3 players with multiple functions and features have emerged.

Over the past few years, these devices have and continue to grow in size and power consumption. Aside from functionality and features, battery life has become the single-most critical factor to product differentiation and customer satisfaction.

Only Keysight’s N6780 Series SMUs let you visualize current drain from nA to A in one pass and one picture unlocking insights to deliver exceptional battery life.

Key Features

- Exceptional sourcing: Accurately emulate a battery

- Stable, glitch-free sourcing and sinking (charge/eLoad), just like a battery

- Programmable output resistance mimics the battery’s internal resistance

- Exceptional measurement: Make measurements you didn’t think were possible

- Characterize your device’s off-, sleep-, and transmit-mode current in one pass and one picture with Keysight’s exclusive, patented seamless measurement ranging technology - no need to make multiple measurement sweeps

- Perform battery rundown tests and characterize how your device performs with an actual battery with the SMU’s ammeter (zero-burden current shunt) mode

- Exceptional Analysis: See your device’s power consumption like never before

- Built-in digitizers measure and log voltage, current, and power every ~5 μs (~200 kHz)

- BV9200B and BV9201B software provides scope, data logger, and CCDF functionality to see and analyze short- and long-term power usage

Keysight patented feature: Seamless Dynamic Measurements     

N6781A, N6782A, N6785A, and N6786A

Measuring static current accurately can be a challenge. Measuring dynamic currents from nA to A is an even greater challenge. Depending on the level of current, a different precision measurement resistor must be used, representing a measurement range in the power supply.

The N6781A, N6782A, N6785A, and N6786A have multiple current measurement ranges making them tuned to measure the different operating states of a device; off-, sleep-, standby-, and transmit-mode. In addition, the top three ranges support a Keysight Technologies, Inc. exclusive feature called “seamless measurement ranging.”

When you enable this feature, as the current drawn by the device under test (DUT) changes, the SMU automatically and instantaneously detects which current measurement range will return the most precise measurement and changes to that range seamlessly. When combined with the SMU’s built-in 18-bit digitizers, seamless measurement ranging enables unprecedented effective vertical resolution of ~28-bits.

This provides unrivaled productivity gains and insights into power consumption never possible before. Only Keysight’s N6780 Series SMUs let you visualize current drain from nA to A in one pass and one picture unlocking insights to deliver exceptional battery life.

The N6784A also has multiple measurement ranges, but does not support seamless measurement ranging.

BV9200B PathWave BenchVue Advanced Power Control and Analysis Software

The software for the DC power analyzer compliments the front panel of the N6705 mainframe, offering advanced functionality and PC control. It is a flexible R&D tool for any application. It can control any of the N6700 family’s over 30 DC power modules when installed in a N6705 mainframe. When used to control an N6781A or N6785A SMU, it can be used for advanced battery drain analysis applications.

Key features

- Compliments the N6705 DC power analyzer’s front panel controls.

- Control and analyze data from up to four N6705 DC power analyzer mainframes and any installed modules at once – that’s up to 16 power supplies simultaneously.

- Easily create complex waveforms to stimulate or load down a DUT by inputting a formula, choosing from built-in, or importing waveform data.

- Enhanced control and analysis of data with familiar PC controls and large display.


- N6781A and N6785A SMUs are tuned for battery drain analysis of any and all battery-powered devices from 20 W to 80 W, including e-Book readers, MP3 players, wireless mice, mobile phones, large smartphone “phablets,” tablets, and military radios.

- N6782A and N6786A SMUs are tuned for functional tests of devices such as DC/DC converters, PMUs, PMICs, and power amplifiers from 20 W to 80 W.

- N6784A SMU is designed to be a versatile tool for general-purpose applications in automated test systems or on an R&D bench.

- BV9200B PathWave BenchVue Advanced Power Control and Analysis Software compliments the N6781A and N6785A SMUs when used with the N6705 DC power analyzer by adding advanced battery drain functionality such as statistical analysis.

However, it is also useful as a generic R&D power analysis tool since any of the over 30 other N6700 Series DC power modules can be controlled by the software when installed in an N6705 mainframe


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