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E4981A Capacitance Meter

Data Sheets

This document provides specifications and supplemental information for the Keysight Technologies, Inc. E4981A capacitance meter. All specifications apply to the conditions of a 0 °C to 45 °C temperature range, unless otherwise stated, and 30 minutes after the instrument has been turned on.

Table of Contents

  • Definitions and Specifications
  • Measurement display ranges
  • Available measurement ranges
  • Available measurement ranges
  • Available measurement ranges
  • Accuracy when ambient temperature exceeds the range of 18 to 28 °C (typical)
  • Accuracy when an Alternative Current magnetic field is applied
  • Measurement accuracy
  • Supplemental Information
  • Measurement signals
  • Measurement time
  • Display time
  • Measurement data transfer time
  • Measurement Assistance Functions
  • General Specifications
  • EMC, Safety, Environment and Compliance
  • EMC, Safety, Environment and Compliance
  • Sample Calculation of Measurement Accuracy
  • Sample
  • When measurement parameter is Cp-D (or Cs-D)
  • When measurement parameter is Cp-Q (or Cs-Q)
  • When measurement parameter is Cp-G  
  • When measurement parameter is Cp-Rp
  • When measurement parameter is Cs-Rs


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Column Control DTX