N9320B RF Spectrum Analyzer


All the essentials of a Keysight spectrum analyzer with a price/performance that's easy to afford

Keysight N9320B Spectrum Analyzer – Built to Perform, Priced for you to Compete

Power measurement and automated test programming features

The accuracy of frequency selective power measurements when characterizing your products is very important. With a newly featured digital IF, the N9320B enables dramatic improvements in power measurement accuracy.

Power meter functionality is also built-in with Keysight Technologies, Inc. U2000 series power sensor support for highly accurate RF and MW power measurements.

The built-in 1-button power measurement suite offers channel power, ACP, OBW, SEM and TOI measurements.

For automated test programming, the N9320B provides industy standard SCPI language support and flexible connectivity choices with USB, LAN and GPIB. Plus,SCPI code compatibility with Keysight ESA-L series for easy instrument replacement.

Engineered for the best spectrum visibility

In your R&D, QA or university research lab, you want to know as much measure­ment detail as possible about your products and designs. The N9320B offers the best-in-class spectrum visibility. The 10 Hz minimum RBW distinguishes closely spaced signals easily, the 148 dBm DANL reveals low level signals clearly, and combined with the 4 trace display and 12 markers allows you to easily identify and compare signal details.

Integrated solution for the modern RF teaching lab

One of the best ways to improve students’ learning efficiency for RF related cur­riculums is to combine lectures with hands-on labs. The N9320B is an excellent price-performance fit for educational purposes. Whether you wish to combine the N9320B analyzer with the Keysight N9310A RF signal generator for basic RF concept labs, or enhance your RF circuit labs with the N9320B and its optional RF training kit (option code: N9320B-TR1), you will find adopting Keysight’s RF education solution efficient and effective.


1.         6.5-inch high resolution screen provides vivid spectral view from any angle

2.         Logically arranged function keys and soft keys provides intuitive access for each operational step

3.         USB interface offers convenient data storage via USB flash disk

4.         Tracking generator output enables frequency response measurement

5.         Cal Out (50 MHz, –10 dBm)

6.         Probe power for high impedance RF probes

7.         RF input (N type, female)


When you need faster and more cost effective RF analysis tools for testing today’s consumer electronics products and components – look no further!

  1. Best-in-class performance ensures your test station is operating quickly without compromising quality
  2. Boost productivity by decreasing test time
  3. Testing and validating your products with confidence
  4. Power measurements made easy using the one-button measurement suite
  5. Channel power
  6. Occupied bandwidth
  7. Adjacent channel power (ACP)
  8. Spectrum emission mask (SEM)
  9. High accuracy power measurements


We have optimized the N9320B to meet your needs in performance and cost

  • 10 ms minimum, non-zero span sweep time
  • ± 1.5 dB overall amplitude accuracy, typical ± 0.5 dB
  • 10 Hz minimum resolution bandwidth
  • Sensitivity is –148 dBm DANL with preamplifier
  • Multiple language user interface improves ease-of-use and reduces training time by utilizing your local language

Bench repair

An effective, professionalbench repair tool

Most bench repair tasks demand fast, cost effective test solutions. Being small and lightweight, the N9320B spec­trum analyzer is as functional and indispensable in low-cost bench repair applications as it is for field troubleshooting.

Detecting low signal levels while simultaneously resolving closely spaced frequencies is a fundamental requirement for RF testing. Employing one of the best combinations of sensitivity and narrow resolution bandwidths (RBW) ensures that an N9320B spectrum analyzer will readily handle these tasks.

Additional features that make spectrum analysis easier

  • Four traces and up to 12 markers allowoptimum flexibility for complex troubleshooting in multi-signal environments
  • Marker table lists the frequency and amplitude matrix from all active markers, including delta markers
  • Frequency counter offers more accurate frequency readout
  • USB flash memory stick support provides quick save or recall of measurement data


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