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U8000 Series Single Output DC Power Supplies

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More Protection, More Convenience — For Less 

It’s often difficult to find a power supply that is just right for your test requirements and your budget. Whether you’re manufacturing consumer products, testing electronic components, or simply looking for reliable, affordable power, the Keysight Technolgoies, Inc. family of basic power supplies now includes single output, non-programmable models in the 90 W to 150 W power range. With capabilities typically found only in programmable supplies, you get excellent value along with great efficiency in your work. As a result, you can minimize setup time and measurement errors and maximize device reliability. You’ll get the right power with a difference — backed by stringent safety certifications and Keysight quality standards — at an affordable price. The Keysight U8000 Series offers 90 W to 150 W single output, nonprogrammable DC power supplies that include features typically found only in costly programmable supplies. The U8000 Series delivers excellent value by providing reliable DC power, efficient setup capabilities, and important security features that let you address a variety of applications in electronics manufacturing and educational settings. 

Power That’s Suitable for Your Application Requirements 

The Keysight U8000 Series with power ranging from 90 W to 150 W provides performance that is suitable for electronics manufacturing for computers and peripherals, communication systems and peripherals, aircraft/avionics systems, electronic components, and more. The U8000 Series complements the Keysight E3600 DC power supplies family to provide a wider range of power source alternatives.

Work Efficiently with Great Features and Solid Performance — Within Budget 

Differentiated features typically found only in programmable power supplies 

The U8000 Series offers fully integrated over voltage protection (OVP) and over current protection (OCP) to prevent damage to the device-under-test (DUT). Using the capability to save and recall three memory states, you can minimize errors and reduce set-up time. The U8000 Series also provides security features such as keypad lock to prevent measurement errors due to accidental front panel usage. When the keypad lock is activated, the knob and all the buttons on the front panel are disabled except the keypad lock button. The physical lock mechanism found at the rear panel of the power supply provides secure instrument storage. The LCD display with backlight on/off options enables brighter display for data viewing.

Solid, reliable performance in its class 

The U8000 Series provides excellent load and line regulation (Constant Voltage, CV: < 0.01% +2 mV; Constant Current, CC: < 0.02% +2 mA) to ensure stable output even when the load changes. With the fast 50 μsec transient response, test times and manufacturing cost are significantly reduced. The U8000 Series comes with low output noise of 1 mVrms, 3 mArms from 20 Hz to 20 MHz, providing clean output and minimizing the interference in the DUT. 

Get That Something Extra: Safety and Security 

The U8000 Series has been stringently tested according to various industrial safety standards: CSA (for US and CA regulatory requirements), C-tick (Australia), and CE (Europe). The U8000 Series is fully integrated with OVP and OCP in order to prevent damage to the DUT. The security features offered in the U8000 Series prevent measurement errors and also ensure safety storage of the power supply. Security features such as keypad locking capability preclude accidental front panel usage while the physical lock mechanism provides secure instrument storage.  

Front Panel Operation 

An easy-to-use rotary knob and self-guiding keypads allow you to set the output at your desired resolution without any effort. Also, both voltage and current levels can be set to a maximum resolution of 10 mV/10 mA from the front panel. In addition, you can save and recall for up to three operating states that are stored in the internal nonvolatile memory. 

Easy-to-use control functions: 

  • Enabling or disabling OVP and OCP
  • Setting the OVP and OCP trip levels
  • Clearing OVP and OCP conditions
  • Setting and displaying the voltage and current limit values
  • Operating state storage/recall
  • Resetting the power supply to power-on state
  • Calibrating the power supply
  • Enabling or disabling the output


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