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PS-X10-100 PCI Express® Pre-compliance Test Execution/Compliance Testing Support Services


tests at every stage

Applications of the PCI Express standard are not limited to PCs and servers but also extend to various kinds of other products. Events for official PCI Express tests are held mostly in the United States up to four times a year by PCI-SIG® so as to ensure interoperability between PCI Express-based products. Keysight Technologies provides total support for those who need to pass the tests, leveraging its extensive experience in participating in the official tests.

Are you sure you fully understand the compliance tests? 

Information on the official PCI-SIG tests is released to PCISIG members in various forms. Unfortunately, the updates on some pieces of information are late, and some pieces of information are not adequately communicated. Some people become anxious about which pieces of information distributed by PCI-SIG are relevant to what will actually be evaluated in the compliance tests, and to what extent. We have also heard from some customers, who have performed pretests on their own, that they were not completely confident whether they had done the tests properly. To solve such problems, Keysight Technologies’ experienced engineers provide paid services to assist customers in passing the final tests (pre-compliance tests) prior to the official tests. 

Pre-compliance tests performed by experienced, knowledgeable engineers through procedures precisely identical to the official tests 

There are two kinds of tests in the official tests (Compliance Workshops) held by PCI-SIG: one is the compliance tests run by PCI-SIG called Gold Suites, and the other is interoperability testing carried out among the participating companies. Since the 36th Workshop (December 2003), where PCI Express was the test target for the first time, Keysight Technologies has been participating in every Compliance Workshop by sending representatives not only from the US but also from Japan on a regular basis, to obtain the latest information and improve its testing experience. Keysight Technologies' PCI Express Pre-compliance Test Service, provided by engineers experienced with the PCISIG Gold Suite tests, performs pre-compliance tests in advance in accordance with the official test procedures and descriptions by using the official equipment specified by PCI-SIG (or equivalent equipment), eliminating customers’ anxiety about participating in Compliance Workshops.

Issuance of test result reports 

We issue a report that summarizes the test results, which can be used to compare with the results of tests done on your own, used for internal reports as reliable test results, or brought to the official test sites as reference data in preparation for the possibility that official test results may not be as expected. 

Benefits of Keysight’s pre-compliance tests for those who don’t attempt the official tests 

We often receive requests for “verification (inspection) of a product using test procedures equivalent to the official tests” even when the product isn’t required to pass the compliance tests, for example, products for an OEM or products being built into other products. To meet such demand, Keysight Technologies’ PCI Express Precompliance Test Service offers test results in accordance with the official test procedures performed with the official equipment. Although the test results are neither official nor acknowledged by PCI-SIG, they are certainly the most reliable test results that can be obtained outside of the Compliance Workshops.

PCI Express® Pre-compliance Test Execution / Compliance Testing Support Services

Additional support for passing tests through accompanying customers to test sites 

Engineers from Keysight Technologies can accompany you to the official test venues and provide necessary support to ensure smooth and successful tests at the sites (paid service). Currently, the official tests are held overseas up to four times a year. If the tests are failed, it may waste not only the overseas travel and lodging expenses, but also the man-hours spent on the tests. Failing the tests will inevitably have further consequences in business since product development is directly linked to the subsequent marketing of the product. In fact, you may end up waiting several months for the next tests, which would have an extraordinarily serious impact on your business. Because the equipment and evaluation procedure used for the PCI-SIG Gold Tests are already decided, the precompliance test allows you to assess in advance whether you are likely to pass the tests. The interoperability testing, however, verifies normal operations using an arbitrary combination of an add-in card and a motherboard, neither of which are announced prior to the official tests, and therefore, cannot be tested in advance, leaving some uncertainty. A communication link cannot be established if either the card or the motherboard has a problem; in such a case, an appropriate and flexible on-site response becomes important. The On-Site Test Support Provided by Engineers is a service in which an experienced Keysight engineer accompanies the customer to the official test sites and provides strong support for on-site responses. Keysight Technologies already has abundant experience in on-site test support. The service is especially beneficial for those who haven’t experienced the official tests yet. 

Agent services are also available for compliance tests 

Keysight Technologies may be able to provide test-taking agent services by having a Keysight employee sit in for a customer at a Compliance Workshop and the official tests. If you are interested, we will individually discuss the conditions, fees, and other matters for the service.

Keysight Technologies Measurement Consulting Services

Passed the official PCI Express® tests on the first attempt and achieved its goal of announcing its new product as scheduled


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