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E8267D PSG Vector Signal Generator

Configuration Guides


This configuration guide contains information to help you configure your E8267D PSG vector signal generator to meet your requirements. Ordering optional capabilities at the time of purchase provides the lowest overall cost.

E8267D PSG Vector Signal Generator Options

Standard product includes installation guide, adapters, and country specific power cord. High output power and step attenuator are standard features in the E8267D vector signal generator.


All frequency range options support underrange to 100 kHz. However, performance specifications are not provided between 100 kHz and 250 kHz.

Upgradeable Options

Customer-installable and service center-installable upgrade kits are available for the E8267D signal generators. If an option is not mentioned that you would like to have upgraded on your PSG, please contact your local Keysight representative about our customized upgradeable options.



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