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S8815A WLAN RF and Data Performance Toolset

Solution Briefs

The S8815A WLAN RF and Data Performance Toolset enables chipset and device manufacturers as well as test labs to validate the interoperability and performance of the new WLAN features and products under uncompromised and complex real-world 3D propagation channel conditions. Test automation of the S8815A WLAN RF and Data Performance Toolset enables 24/7 end-to-end interoperability and data performance testing between real access points and real devices. It supports testing multiple access points and devices to mimic real-world RF mobility and interference impairment conditions.

The S8815A toolset is extendable to perform RF MIMO measurements of Wi-Fi access points and Wi-Fi devices with an embedded signal analyzer and signal generation capabilities using Keysight's PathWave VSA High Throughput WLAN Modulation Analysis and PathWave Signal Generation for WLAN 802.11 measurement software.

When integrated with the S8815A toolset, Keysight WaveJudge Wireless Analyzer allows design and verification engineers to gain visibility into protocol and physical layer interaction in wireless transmissions. You can pinpoint PHY and protocol layer issues by importing and decoding PROPSIM IQ captures for troubleshooting and analysis.


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