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Modeling and Analyzing Enterprise Networks Using EXata

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1. Challenges of Operating Enterprise Networks

An enterprise or corporate network is an enterprise's communications backbone that connects computers and related devices across departments and workgroup networks. The major issues that administrators of today’s enterprise networks have to contend with are:

Heterogeneous network components

Most enterprise networks are made up of heterogeneous components (e.g., wired and wireless subnets) which must interoperate together to provide services to all users.

Performance of heterogeneous applications

Enterprise networks are required to support a variety of applications (email, server access, video streaming, etc.). These applications can have different QoS requirements, but all should meet the prescribed performance criteria.

Dynamic environment

The environment in which an enterprise network operates is highly dynamic. Users, work groups, and resources are constantly added or removed from the network. In addition, the network should support new applications and technologies while older ones are phased out.

Ensuring availability and connectivity

The network should be up and available round the clock, with minimum down time, and all users on the network should be able to communicate and access all resources on the network.


Enterprise networks are increasingly subject to cyber attacks. The administrators need to maintain the privacy and integrity of data residing on the network as well as ensure that the network can provide services even when under cyber attack.


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