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EXata Cyber Attack Emulator Library

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The Cyber Library for the EXata Live-Virtual-Constructive Simulation Platform


The Cyber Library for EXata provides the ability to evaluate a network design for resiliency to cyber attack.


Security elements from the library can be added to EXata network models, and scenarios can be run that use attack elements that cause the network information flows to degrade as if the network was under cyber attack.


Using the system-in-the-loop emulation capabilities of EXata, the behavior of live applications across a simulated virtual network under attack can be determined and analyzed.


The Cyber Library for EXata enables you to gain unique visibility into how a network and the applications that use it will respond during a cyber attack.


Each of the models in the Cyber Library for EXata operate at one or more of the OSI network layers. The following sections describe the various models, grouped into categories:


MAC Layer Models


Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)


WEP is a MAC layer security protocol that provides security for wireless LANs, equivalent to the security provided in wired LANs. The WEP model is based on IEEE standard 802.11i-2004.


CTR with CBC-MAC Protocol (CCMP)


CCMP (CTR with CBC-MAC Protocol) is an RSNA data confidentiality and integrity protocol. WEP is known to be insecure and is replaced by CCMP. CCMP is based on the CCM of the AES encryption algorithm. The CCMP model is based on IEEE standard 802.11-1997.


Network Layer Models 


Certificate model: IFF Certificate


The certificate model is based on WTLSCert certificate defined in WAP WTLS WAP-199-WTLS Wireless Application Protocol Wireless Transport Layer Security Specification.


Information Assurance Hierarchical Encryption Protocol (IAHEP)


IAHEP is an encryption protocol that allows two or more secure enclaves to exchange data over an untrusted network.




Adversary model


ANODR model

Routing protocol

Certificate model 

Network layer

CPU and memory resource model 

OS resource

Denial of Service (DoS) attack model


Firewall model

Network layer

Information Assurance Hierarchical Encryption Protocol (IAHEP) model

Network layer

Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) model

Network layer

Internet Security Association and Key, Management Protocol with Internet

Key, Exchange (ISAKMP-IKE) model

Network layer

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) model

Network layer

Secure neighbor model

Network layer

Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)

Model attack

Virus attack model


WEP and CCMP model

AC layer

Wireless eavesdropping attack model


Wireless jamming attack model




Firewall model


The firewall model is a packet-based stateless software firewall. It is a software process that inspects each packet to determine if the packet should be allowed or denied access. The firewall model is stateless in that it does not retain state once a packet has been processed by the firewall.


The firewall model is based on the iptables packet filter software found in Linux/Unix-based systems.


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