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TimeKeeper Server by Keysight Technologies is a software grandmaster that can act as a boundary clock or stratum server while providing real-time monitoring and alerting, fault-tolerance, and clock distribution analysis. It receives any time source and serves multiple NTP/PTP feeds over the network with high-precision and UTC-traceability. It also displays the global enterprise-wide clock sync network topology with Global TimeMap and provides performance analytics and audit records with TimeMonitor. TimeKeeper Server runs on Linux, Windows, and Solaris servers and VMs, and is compatible with multivendor clients and time servers. It is part of the TimeKeeper Platform that provides secure, resilient, state-of-the-art enterprise clock sync for various applications such as financial, automation, data center, cloud, 5G, gaming, IoT, broadcast, and cybersecurity. To order TimeKeeper Server or get a live demo, contact or visit

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