Flowmon and Keysight - Unified Digital Performance and Security Visibility

Solution Briefs


Flowmon provides a unified network, anomaly, and security analytics solution, leveraging flow and packet data, which helps enable a fast, reliable, and well secured network for any organization. Keysight Visibility Architecture complements Flowmon by generating enriched flow data (IxFlow) and sending it to Flowmon for analysis. Keysight turns packets into insights, via deep packet inspection of application, user device, and other flow details. For example, IxFlow exports HTTP details, not available in traditional Netflow/IPFIX, which Flowmon uses to help organizations identify communication with suspicious or blacklisted domains. The combined solution allows administrators to identify the users, devices, networks and applications that generate undesirable traffic or security threats. Armed with reliable and accurate information, IT can isolate and remove unwanted behaviors. Keysight also shares packet data with Flowmon Probe, which performs network-based Application Performance Monitoring or on-demand full packet capture, as well as allowing data to be shared with customers’ other analysis tools, protecting legacy investments. 


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