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Virtual Reference Design from ROHM

Application Notes

PathWave ADS Workspace for ROHM P01SCT2080KE-EVK-001

This application note provides information to obtain and use a PathWave ADS workspace that you can use to simulate a virtual version of a physical reference design from ROHM, Model P01SCT2080KE-EVK-001. This model showcases the second generation planar SiC power transistors (SCT2XXX series) also from ROHM. Provides the details on how they can be used to build your next generation switched-mode power supply. In addition, the reference design – in both virtual and physical forms - can be used as starting point for your own project.

Table of content 

  • Dependencies/Pre-requisites from Keysight and ROHM
  • Installing Advanced Design System (ADS)
  • Setting Up Licenses on Windows
  • Setting Up Floating Licenses on Windows
  • Setting Up Node-locked License on Windows
  • Dependencies/Pre-requisites from ROHM
  • Launching Advanced Design System (ADS)
  • Unarchiving the Advanced Design System (ADS) Workspace
  • Understanding the ADS Workspace
  • Running the Virtual Prototype “as-is”
  • PEPro Setup
  • Ports, Component Models, Nets, Options
  • Options Setup
  • Running a PEPro Simulation
  • Results
  • Design Space Exploration and "What if...?" Analysis
  • Conclusion



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Column Control DTX