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Problem: Quantify Unknowns and Control the Chaos of Digital Transformation


Digital business transformation and edge computing are bringing major unknowns to the performance, scalability, and threat protection of network and security architectures. As networks evolve to more costeffective and elastic off-premises infrastructures, adopting new security frameworks like zero trust bring new challenges. Are you delivering high-quality access to users, devices, and cloud services everywhere in your distributed, disaggregated networks? Is your cybersecurity infrastructure secure enough to limit exposure across your on- and off-prem networking? Are your security policies dynamically adjusting to your auto-scale events? Are your zero trust policies reducing the attack surface without impacting performance? Your perimeter-less, elastic, dynamic network requires a completely new testing paradigm.


Solution: An Instantly Scalable Test Solution to Replicate Distributed Cloud Networks in Action 


Keysight CyPerf is the industry’s first instantly scalable cloud-native software test solution that recreates every aspect of a realistic workload across a variety of physical and cloud environments. It delivers unprecedented insights into end user experience, security posture, and performance bottlenecks of distributed, hybrid networks. 


CyPerf employs lightweight agents deployed across a variety of environments to realistically model dynamic application traffic, user behavior, and threat vectors at scale. It validates cloud and hybrid networks, security devices, zero trust implementations and services for more confident rollouts.


CyPerf delivers new heights in realism by simultaneously generating authenticated and unauthenticated application traffic and security attacks across a complex network of proxies, software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN), Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), SSL VPN tunnels, IPsec tunnels, Transport Layer Security (TLS) inspection, elastic load balancers, web applications firewalls (WAF) and zero trust enabled environments. Combined with the unique ability to interleave applications and attacks to model user behavior and security breaches, CyPerf enables a holistic approach in replicating distributed customer deployment environments faster and with more accuracy than other solutions.


CyPerf highlights 


• Test the functionality and performance of zero trust policies with authenticated and unauthenticated application traffic and security attacks.

• Validate cloud, SASE, and SD-WAN migration in half the time with more fidelity by replicating distributed deployment environments with realistic workloads. 

• Emulate thousands of SSL VPN tunnels to test the scale, performance, and robustness of VPN Gateways.

• Validate the control plane performance and scalability of IPsec Gateways, as well as the application performance and security efficacy of IPsec VPN enabled network security solutions.

• Perform head-to-head comparisons to determine the most cost-effective cloud infrastructure and security controls. 

• Validate elastic scalability of cloud infrastructures and security architectures with dynamic auto-scaling test agents. 

• Access key performance indicators easily—application throughput, max concurrency (connections / users), application latency, Transport Layer Security (TLS) performance, and threat detection efficacy.

• Measure and compare hybrid, multi-cloud, container infrastructures for your specific workloads and security controls.


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