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M981xAS Series PXIe Vector Component Analyzer

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The Keysight M981xAS Series PXIe Vector Component Analyzer (VCA) is a scalable and flexible solution for characterizing wireless components with a single connection. It combines the capabilities of an advanced network analyzer and a modulated signal analyzer to measure S-parameters, gain compression, harmonics, EVM, ACPR and more. The M981xAS Series offers four frequency models from 100 kHz to 53 GHz with direct receiver access (DRA) configurations for optimized performance. The M981xAS Series also supports PXI vector adapter options for generating wideband modulated signals up to 44 GHz. The M981xAS Series can be integrated with other PXI modules and accessories to create customized test systems for various applications. The M981xAS Series is compatible with a range of measurement application software that provides easy setup, calibration and analysis of complex devices. To order the M981xAS Series, customers need to choose one frequency model, one test set option, one vector adapter option (optional), one or more hardware options (optional), one or more application software licenses, one or more additional PXI modules and accessories (optional), one chassis and accessories, and one controller (either embedded or via PC). For detailed ordering information, please refer to the configuration guide on the web page context. To learn more about the M981xAS Series, customers can visit or contact Keysight sales representatives. Customers can also find useful resources such as data sheets, technical overviews, application notes, videos and webinars on the web page context.


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