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N5991 USB4 Receiver Compliance Test Automation Software

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The N5991 USB4 Receiver Compliance Test Automation Software is a powerful and easy-to-use solution that helps you test and validate your high-speed digital designs for USB4 Version 2.0, the latest and fastest USB standard. With the N5991 software, you can perform automated receiver stress signal calibration and receiver tests for all USB4 data rates and modes, using the Keysight M8040A High-Performance BERT platform and the Infiniium UXR-series real-time oscilloscope. You can also go beyond compliance testing with additional features such as jitter tolerance characterization, sensitivity test, custom BER test, and custom DUT access. The N5991 software supports multiple license types, including node-locked and transportable, and provides HTML or Excel test reports. To order the N5991 software or learn more about its capabilities, visit or contact your local Keysight representative.


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