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N5991 USB 3.2 Receiver Compliance Test Automation Software

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The N5991 USB 3.2 Receiver Compliance Test Automation Software is a solution that helps verify and debug USB products, such as devices, hosts or retimers. It supports single lane and dual lane modes, as well as Type-C PDO and Integrated BER Reader features. It also offers a Debug Tool Link Training Suite that allows full control of the LTSSM for fine-tuning the link training process. The software is compatible with the Keysight M8020A and M8040A High-Performance BERT platforms and requires a real-time oscilloscope with a bandwidth of at least 25 GHz. The software can be ordered with node-locked or transportable licenses, which include 12 months or 36 months of service, support and updates. For more information, visit and search for N5991U32A or N5991U32E.


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