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Mitigating Risk in NFV with Continuous Simulation and Testing

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The key to mitigating risk in NFV implementations is a continuous testing and remediation process, which includes the following steps: First Step, Develop the next iteration of your NFV infrastructure and identify how it will operate in the real world. Second Step, Simulate traffic and network conditions. Third Step, Remediate—identify problems such as performance issues, security vulnerabilities, and resilience issues and make the necessary changes on your staging environment. Run the tests again to make sure all is okay. Fourth Step, Deploy—push your latest version to production and re-run the tests to make sure you have a solid baseline with none of the previously discovered issues. Fifth Step, Shakeup—periodically re-run the same tests and see if everything still holds up. If problems are discovered, have development resources in place to prepare a quick patch, so you don’t have to wait for the next release.


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