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Performance Monitoring: Qualify Net Neutrality with Hawkeye™

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The regulation requires providers to be monitored and evaluated against set standards, as well as each other. As a result, National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) and service providers now need to continuously detect and monitor service and the user experience, in addition to comparing performance by provider, geography, type of service, device, and more. They must separate underlying network issues from application, device-related, or Wi-Fi issues. Determining root cause is a must, as the law is meant to make services “application agnostic.” This requirement poses a distinct challenge for monitoring quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE). Although the European net neutrality regulation is in effect and the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) has issued guidelines, there are currently no published specifics on how to monitor for compliance. Ixia, a leader in network test and visibility, can provide a solution for NRAs and service providers with its Hawkeye platform for active performance monitoring.


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