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Performance is key to the end-user experience, whether your users are customers, partners, or employees. There are hundreds of tools available for monitoring performance in organizations of every size. Your aggregate investment in these tools is not trivial. How can you make sure your tools deliver the highest return on your investment? This paper examines five areas that offer the potential to increase the value of your performance monitoring tools. Consider the following to get the most from your tools:

  • Expanding volume: Traffic is multiplying, and your tools need to keep up.
  • More secure traffic: Secure traffic is becoming the norm and your monitoring tools cannot process encrypted packets.
  • Cloud access: Public cloud is the default in many enterprises. How can you get access to traffic in the cloud?
  • Edge monitoring: More critical processing is taking place at remote sites. How can IT protect service quality at the network edge?
  • Cost control: Monitoring tools are expensive. How can you control costs as your enterprise grows?


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