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Hawkeye – Active Network Assessment and Monitoring Platform

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Hawkeye is a network performance monitoring platform that helps network managers and operators to verify, monitor, and diagnose their networks and applications. Hawkeye simulates application traffic and sends key performance metrics to a central console for fast action. Hawkeye supports a variety of service level agreement (SLA) and quality of experience (QoE) objectives, such as speed test, unified communications, Wi-Fi monitoring, user experience, and more. Hawkeye can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, with different licensing options and bundles. Hawkeye uses a combination of hardware and software agents called Performance Endpoints, which can be deployed in any network location, such as customer premises, mobile devices, remote sites, data centers, virtual machines, and cloud servers. Hawkeye provides superior visibility into live networks with advanced network and application testing technology. Hawkeye also offers path discovery, reporting, alarming, and troubleshooting features to help network operations teams maintain quality of service (QoS) without the headaches. For more information on Hawkeye features, use cases, specifications, and ordering information, please visit or contact your local Keysight office.
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