Copper Taps

Provide complete traffic visibility to copper links

Copper Tap Family


Keysight Copper Taps provide network isolation, dropping any traffic that is accidentally or maliciously transmitted back onto the monitor ports. The copper taps are isolated from the network because they have no IP address, eliminating exposure to external attacks.

Our Tap Port Aggregator is a simple plug-and-play solution addressing the fact that many monitoring systems, including most software based solutions, only offer a single channel NIC, limiting full-duplex visibility.

  • Passes all network traffic – not reliant on SPAN ports
  • LED shows power, speed, link and activity
  • Link Fault Detect prevents undetected network link failures
  • Aggregation tap – combine both directions of the monitored link into a single tool port

Choose the Cooper Tap That's Right for your Visibility Architecture

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