Bring real-world logs to the virtual drive testing workflow

Keysight’s S8709A Virtual Drive Test Toolset is a real-world lab test environment for validating 5G devices under a wide range of network signaling and radio channel conditions. It offers a fully controlled test scenario enabling quick and systematic performance validation. Moreover, it enables users to efficiently analyze the performance of 5G new radio (NR) devices deployed in non-standalone (NSA) or standalone (SA) networks and under various mobility scenarios.

The S8709A Virtual Drive Test Toolset is a part of Keysight’s comprehensive portfolio of 5G NR design and test solutions that spans the entire workflow from simulation, development, and design verification, to conformance and acceptance testing, and finally manufacturing and deployment. It creates a representation of real-world conditions without a need for comprehensive analysis and simulation of the environment. Lab-based testing enables mobile operators and wireless device manufacturers to quickly and efficiently benchmark different mobile devices. The S8709A Virtual Drive Test Toolset therefore accelerates the validation of wireless devices, supporting new design development from prototypes to fully functioning 5G NR devices.

The 5G virtual drive testing solution offers:

  • Test campaign management with detailed status information and KPIs
  • Result analysis with clear reports for decision making
  • Complete end-to-end test solution allowing parameterizing of test cases
  • State-of-the art logging, visualization and debugging tools to resolve issues more quickly
  • Mobility performance testing, covering:
     - Handover and cell re-selection success rates
     - Call drop rates and service interrupts
     - Data performance

The 5G virtual drive testing solution is extendable to include:

  • Ready-to-run test cases based on real-world drive test routes from major operator networks representing signaling and RF environments in various parts of the world
  • Field-to-Lab tool to create test cases from mobile device measurement logs
Keysight’s S8709A Virtual Drive Test Toolset

The S8709A Virtual Drive Test Toolset is the only solution bringing real world logs to the testing workflow. It makes repeatable real-world performance testing accessible to R&D teams by integrating instrumentation and the test environment under a single lab solution. Users gain access to field measured geometrical channel models with high-capacity fading options as well as signaling scripts replicating operator-specific network capabilities.

By seamlessly integrating Keysight’s 5G channel emulation and network emulation solutions with Keysight’s Nemo Outdoor tool, users can quickly and easily verify the end-user experience based on real-life mobility scenarios, such as challenging high-speed train conditions. The data captured in the field is imported into the S8709A Virtual Drive Test Toolset test scenario, resulting in reliable and repeatable replay of the radio channel environment in a controlled laboratory environment.

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