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Cell Level Series

The cell is the basis of any battery system and directly influences its function, performance and safety. Therefore, it is essential to test and characterize the cell at an early development stage. For this purpose, Keysight offers reliable test systems for precise and reproducible measurement results. The Cell Level Series (SL1002A, SL1004A, SL1007A, SL1132A and SL1133A) — also known as Battery Cell Tester — emulates sink and source for battery cells for automotive and industrial applications.

  • Efficient and cost-effective operation because of recovery capabilities for performance and endurance tests with many channels
  • Modular configuration — possibility to adapt number of channels to changing requirements
  • Convenient test bench control with Scienlab Software Energy Storage Discover (ESD) incl. test systems, devices under test (DUTs), temperature or climate chambers
  • Compact size for space-saving on-site operation
  • Integrated electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) per channel — programmable directly into the test processes without changing the contacting of the DUT (optional)

High Performance for All Your Applications

In order to evaluate the properties of future systems and optimize your battery cell, Keysight offers reliable test systems for precise and reproducible measurement results.

Cell Sample Level

  • Characterization, selection, and optimization of cell chemistry and material in R&D (also for HV materials up to 8 V), production and quality assurance
  • Simultaneous characterization of up to several hundred cell specimens, e.g. round cells, button cells, and laboratory cells with a reference electrode
  • Identification of the electrode processes: galvanostatic and potentiostatic test methods, cyclovoltammetry, and more
  • Determination of capacity, energy, power, voltage, internal resistance, efficiency

Cell Level

  • Precise characterization of cells by determining internal resistance, efficiency, capacity, cyclical life span and calendar life, reaction to temperature changes, mechanical resistance
  • Perform extensive and individual tests
  • Execute performance and endurance tests

Scienlab Laboratory

Discover the Features of the Combined Battery Test Solution (CBTS)

Key Specifications

Output voltage:

-6 to +6 V

Output current:

±150 μA to ±1600 A

Current dynamics:

<1 ms

Current measuring accuracy:


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