Temperature-aware circuit simulation results based on high capacity state-of-the-art thermal solver technology directly integrated with the PathWave ADS layout environment and circuit simulators. Eliminates manual design transfer to standalone thermal solvers.


The W3050E PathWave Electro-Thermal Simulator includes:

  • Temperature aware circuit simulation with state-of-the-art thermal solver technology for high power RFIC/MMIC component designs
  • Integrated with PathWave ADS layout and circuit simulators to eliminate need for manual transfer of designs to external thermal solvers
  • 3D visualization of dynamic thermal map identifies potential hot spots to fix before tape out
  • High capacity solver testes on SoC designs with thousands of components

The PathWave Electro-Thermal simulator provides accurate, “temperature aware” IC simulation results by using device temperatures that take into account thermal coupling and thermal characteristics of the package. It runs full 3D thermal analysis of the IC, utilizing power dissipation data from ADS circuit simulator; device location from ADS layout; and material thermal properties from the process design kit (PDK).  3D visualization displays a dynamic temperature map of the IC to enable fixing hot spots before tape-out.

Note: This element license requires an ADS host bundle with nonlinear circuit simulation and layout capabilities to work. For recommended bundle configurations, click here.

The W3051E PathWave Electro-Thermal Dynamic Model Generator generates time-varying electro-thermal (ETH) models to speed up subsequent ETH simulations by typically 10x.

The W3059E ADS Electro-Thermal HPC 1-pack adds scalable parallel ETH simulation to accelerate analysis for fast and thorough ETH analysis coverage.

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