• 61-pin ZIF
• From left wing
• No RC
• 160-pin direct connect

The U4208A probe/cable has a 61-pin ZIF probe connector on one end of the cable and two 160-pin connectors that connect into the front panel of a U4164A logic analyzer module on the other end of the cable. The U4208A is designed to connect from the left wing of a W4640A Series DDR4 BGA interposer directly into the U4164A logic analyzer. The U4164A logic analyzer will be in normal state mode for the address and command signal capture and in quad sample state mode for the data signal capture. Default configurations for the W4640A Series DDR4 BGA interposers and U4208A/09A probe/cables are included at no charge in the standard download package of the B4661A memory analysis software.

U4208A Probe / Cable

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