• Various models available to operate from 2 up to 16 Keysight PSG signal generators in a phase locked and coherent mode at a common frequency
  • Two modes of operation: Distribution Mode and Calibration Mode
  • Upper frequency limit is determined by the frequency range option of the PSG, up to 67 GHz
  • Some models include a built-in baseband clock source

Distribution Mode

Distribution mode is the normal operating mode, where the local oscillator (LO) from one PSG (the “master”) is amplified and distributed to the other PSG’s in the system (the “slaves”). Using one common LO insures that all PSG’s operate at exactly the same frequency and eliminates relative drift issues associated with the use of independent LO’s in each individual signal generator.

Calibration Mode

In calibration mode, the individual LO’s from each PSG signal generator are routed back into each instrument. This allows normal calibration operation for each PSG without the need to disconnect the signal generator from the distribution network.

Users can select Distribution Mode or Calibration Mode operation manually with a switch on the front panel or remotely over a 9 pin control interface.

Various models of U3035P distribution networks are available to support up to 2, 4, 8, and 16 PSG’s operating in a phase coherent manner. Some U3035P models also include an internal 400 MHz oscillator and distribution circuitry that acts as a common clock for the E8267D option 602 internal baseband generators. Precise timing control of the individual baseband generators is an essential element for providing accurate phase control of each PSG output.

The Keysight U3035P distribution networks enable multiple Keysight PSG signal generators to operate in a phase locked and coherent mode at a common frequency. There may be a fixed phase difference between ports. The use of an internal or external baseband generator with the E8267D vector sources provides phase control and adjustment for each source. Option HCC is required for each signal source.

Required signal generator options:

  • E8257D PSG analog signal generator: Option HCC is required
  • E8267D PSG vector signal generator: Option HCC is required. For operation below 250 MHz, Option H1G is also required
U3035P Distribution Networks

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