Key converter measurements:

  • Fully-calibrated measurements of conversion loss/gain plus phase and group delay, with swept or fixed input and output frequencies and input and LO power
  • SMC+Phase offers measurements of deviation-from-linear-phase and absolute group delay without a reference mixer
  • Includes macro for a version of Vector Mixer/Converter (VMC) with a reference mixer connected in series, for measuring the phase difference between multiple paths or devices, or for measuring phase shifts within a frequency-converting device
  • Measure converters with fully embedded local oscillators with S96084B
  • Advanced calibration
  • Power-meter-based calibration provides high accuracy for conversion gain or loss
  • SMC+Phase comb-generator-based calibration eliminates the need for calibration mixers

Easy to set up and use

  • Intuitive tab-based user interface makes it easy to configure measurements
  • Calibration Wizard guides user through calibration process
  • Application controls external signal generators and power meters

S96083B includes the scalar mixer/converter plus phase (SMC+Phase) measurement class that provides fully calibrated conversion gain/loss, relative phase, and absolute group delay measurements of mixers and converters without the need for reference or calibration mixers. Eliminating the calibration mixer requires a U9391C/F/G comb generator and an external DC power supply. A macro-based series-reference-mixer version of VMC is also included for measuring the phase difference between multiple paths or devices, or for measuring phase shifts within the frequency-converting device. The macro also supports characterization of the calibration mixer that is supplied by the user.

S96083B provides an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface for setting up mixer and converter measurements, with single or dual conversion stages. It can control the analyzer’s built-in source(s) as well as external signal generators for use as LO signals.

S96083B is a superset of S96082B, so they should not be installed together. S96083B is compatible with S96084B, which enables measurements of converters with internal LOs.

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