Use a high-speed SMU that enables best-in-class dynamic / pulsed measurements. Achieve narrow pulse measurements down to 50 μs at a fast sampling rate of up to 1 MSa/s for a wide range of emerging applications.

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The Keysight PZ2120A is a cost-effective, high-speed precision source / measure unit (SMU) featuring best-in-class narrow pulse width, fast Digitizer Mode, and seamless current measurement ranging. It enables narrow-pulsed measurements and fast dynamic measurements with a wide dynamic range for a wide range of emerging applications such as vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) optical devices and integrated circuit (IC) testing. In addition, its low measurement noise performance enables measurements with shorter aperture times, and its seamless current measurement ranging function enables a wide dynamic range and eliminates range change time, which improves test throughput.

  • Maximum output at 60 V / 3.5 A DC / 10.5 A pulse
  • Minimum resolution at 6 μV/100 fA
  • Low current measurement noise at 400 fArms with 1 power line cycle (PLC)
  • Minimum pulse width at 50 μs
  • Fast Digitizer Mode with maximum sampling rate at 1 MSa/s
  • Wide dynamic range for dynamic measurements with seamless current measurement ranging
  • Fast transient with 3.5 V/μs maximum slew rate

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