Perform transmitters with one-button analog demodulation measurements for AM, FM, PM and FM Stereo/RDS signals.


  • Perform modulation analysis for AM, FM, PM and FM Stereo signals with information bandwidth
  • Analyze analog modulated signals with a selection of detectors: Peak+, Peak-, (Pk-Pk)/2 and RMS
  • Play the modulating signal over a speaker (sometimes referred to as "tune and listen")
  • Supplies most complete set of post-demodulation filters
  • Provide display modulation metrics such as AM depth, FM deviation, PM deviation, total harmonic distortion (THD), and signal to noise distortion ratio (SINAD), FM Stereo (left to right ratio, mono to stereo ratio, 38 kHz pilot frequency and phase error)
  • Support view RF spectrum, demodulated waveform, AF (modulating signal) spectrum, and demodulation metrics table at the same time with quad view; view MPX, mono, stereo, left and right channel and RDS/RBDS decoding of FM stereo signal; view transmitter "attach/release" timing
  • Performance 
    • AM depth accuracy: (0.1% x reading + 0.05%); AM rate accuracy: [(2.5 ppm x reading) x (100% / depth)]
    • FM deviation accuracy: (0.3% x reading + 0.15% x rate); FM rate accuracy: (0.008% x reading)
    • PM deviation accuracy: (0.1% x reading + 2 mrad); PM rate accuracy: (0.008 Hz / deviation + 0.003 Hz)
    • FM Stereo SINAD up to 71 dB and left to right ratio up to 76 dB with CCITT filter
  • Support multi-touch user interface and SCPI remote interface programming
  • KeysightCare software support subscription included

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