• DC to 50 GHz operating frequency range
  • -35 to +20 dBm power measurement range 
  • RF to DC thermoelectric substitution measurement method
  • Less than 0.2 reflection coefficient magnitude across the operating frequency range at 50 Ohm reference impedance
  • DC resistance range from 50 Ohm to 2k Ohm
  • As a new transfer standard with faster measurement speed, broader frequency range, and ease of maintenance

The Keysight N8480S Series Balance Thermocouple Power Sensors are intended to be used as measurement standards for RF power. They are suitable for use in a microcalorimeter-based primary measurement standard and as a secondary or reference measurement standard. The new balance thermocouple power sensors offer a broad frequency range DC up to 18/50 GHz, high maximum input power of +20dBm, fast measurement speed/settling time as well as ease of maintenance.


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