• Small Size: Constructed of small diameter flexible coax to minimize intrusions into target systems
  • Durable: Solid center conductor can be soldered and unsoldered multiple times allowing these cables to be reusable
  • Convenient: Pre-trimmed—no cable preparation necessary—and come three to a package
  • SMA termination: Have SMA terminations for easy, reliable connection to the N7020A and N7024A power rail probes

The N7021A pigtail cables are a replaceable accessory for use with the Keysight N7020A and N7024A oscilloscope power rail probes. These cables are intended to be solder-connected to the power rail of interest and connected to the N7020A or N7024A power rail probe’s main cable. The cables have a small diameter so they occupy less space and are very flexible. They are constructed of high-quality materials, and their solid center conductor can withstand multiple soldering and unsoldering cycles so the cables can be reused.

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