• DC to 33 GHz typical (-3 dBe, electrical)
  • Single-mode and multimode inputs
  • 50/125 µm, 750 nm - 1650 nm (covers main wavelengths: 850 nm, 1310 nm, 1550 nm)
  • Designed for reference receiver testing of industry optical standards or characterizing raw response of an optical transmitter
  • Optical measurement features built into the Infiniium baseline software version 05.70 or higher
  • Compatible with Infiniium UXR, V-Series, 90000X-, 90000 Q- and Z-Series real-time oscilloscopes

The N7004A is the first fully-integrated optical-to-electrical converter solution for Infiniium real-time oscilloscopes. A full suite of optical measurement software is built into the Infiniium baseline software version 05.70 and is offered at no additional cost. The N7004A comes in a compact form factor that is plugged directly into the AutoProbe II probe interface of the Infiniium oscilloscope.

The adapter provides from DC to 33 GHz of electrical bandwidth. When used with an Infiniium V-Series or Z-Series 33 GHz oscilloscope, the N7004A allows users to view optical streams at speeds up to 28 Gbps, making this the ideal solution for characterizing or troubleshooting high-speed optical signals in the system level testing. The N7004A with the Infiniium real-time oscilloscope is an ideal solution for users who want to see the unfiltered response of optical transmissions as well.

The input is a 50 µm/125 µm fiber that can be used with 9 µm single-mode fiber or 50 µm multimode fiber at wavelengths from 750 nm to 1650 nm and has a FC/PC adaptor. The reference receiver measurement is made with a built-in 4th order Bessel Thomson software filter that allows the waveform to be viewed similarly to what an optical receiver in an actual communication system would display. The 4th order Bessel Thomson filter bandwidth is limited to 2/3 of the Brickwall bandwidth of the oscilloscope. For a 33 GHz oscilloscope with the Bessel Thomson filter on, this yields a 22 GHz Bessel Thomson filter that covers 28 Gbps x 0.75 = 21 GHz.

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