• QuickTip differential probe head compatible with InfiniiMax I/II probe amps.
  • Allows for quick connect/disconnect.
  • Up to 12 GHz bandwidth with InfiniiMax 1169A.

The N2851A QuickTip probe head for InfiniiMax I/II provides the industry’s only quick connect/disconnect capability when measuring multiple high-speed test points. The QuickTip design uses three small, gold-plated magnets as the actual contacts to gold-plated steel buttons on the probe tip. Engineers can install multiple N2849A QuickTip tips on a device under test, allowing quick and reliable measurement of many probe points.

The N2849A QuickTip tips are common to both N2848A QuickTip head for InfiniiMax III/III+ and N2851A QuickTip head for InfiniiMax I/II, making it easy to look at a signal with both probe architectures. With InfiniiMax 1169A probe amp and N2851A/N2849A QuickTip head/tip, you may achieve 12 GHz of bandwidth. To use the QuickTip N2851A with Infiniium scopes, software version 5.30 or higher is required.

N2851A InfiniiMax I/II QuickTip Probe Head

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