• The fastest throughput oscilloscope solution for triggering on and analyzing automotive serial busses using hardware-based architecture
  • On-screen serial decode time-correlated with the serial data waveform
  • CAN eye-diagram mask testing - easily download multi-region masks and setups based on industry standards
  • Detailed pass/fail statistics from mask tests
  • This package enables CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, SENT, PSI5 (User-definable Manchester), User-definable NRZ, and CXPI serial trigger and decode, along with mask testing and frequency response analysis (bode plotting). Advanced math already comes standard on all M924xA PXIe modular oscilloscopes

The automotive software package for the M924xA PXIe modular oscilloscopes enables protocol triggering and decode for a broad range of the most common automotive serial buses used today for power train and body control and monitoring. This package also enables other advanced analysis capabilities including mask testing and frequency response analysis to help test and debug automotive electronic systems.

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The M9240AUTB Automotive Software option is enabled with a license file on the Keysight M924xA-Series PXIe oscilloscopes.

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