• Memory efficient by defining just gate primitives
  • Triggering of individual gates performed by the sequencer (HVI)
  • Phase Coherent:
    • Between pulses: the free-running LO keeps track of the phase
    • Between channels and between modules: thanks to the HVI sequencer
  • Crosstalk Management:
    • 64+ waveform primitives to allow quantum compiler to manage crosstalk
    • Permanent phase shifts for automatic crosstalk management
  • Ultra-fast:
    • FPGA-based gapless real-time operation
    • Ultra-low-latency waveform selection for feedback (e.g. QEC or state initialization)
  • Ultra-light and scalable:
    • Small FPGA footprint
    • FDM (Frequency Division Multiplexing) capable for multi-qubit readout
  • Easy-to-integrate in the SW stack:
    • Easy-to-use API to control the FPGA IP blocks

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Extend the Capabilities of Your Quantum Library Dynamic Pulse Generation

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