The Keysight KS83200A Automation platform for automotive radar provides immediate access to accelerate your radar module testing workflow. It is a suite of standards-compliant routines for testing and validation of radar transmitters and receivers. Its automated routines simplify programming, customization and testing, and timely updates keep it current with the latest standards.

The platform also includes calibration routines that account for the instruments and fixtures in each specific test setup. Minimizing loss and increasing accuracy is especially important when working with mmWave instruments and signals, as even the slightest variation can cause erroneous go/no-go results.

Features and Functions

  • Get immediate access to specific automotive radar test cases and libraries of test routines including major standards
  • Test configuration and sequencing with intuitive user interface
  • Obtain links to all necessary high-frequency instrumentation including calibration information
  • Get documented report of test configuration, measurements made, pass/fail status, margin analysis, and waveforms

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KS83200A Automation Software for Automotive Radar – Basic

  • Preconfigured routines for system calibration and module testing
  • Fast, efficient automation of complex test procedures
  • Timely updates that track evolving standards
  • A library of instrument drivers
Automation Software for E8740A Automotive Radar

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