The KS2201A PathWave Test Sync Executive is a programming environment based on Keysight's Hard Virtual Instrument (HVI) technology, that enables the development and execution of synchronous, real-time operations across multiple instruments. The real-time sequencing and synchronization capabilities make it a breakthrough tool for developing measurement applications that require tight synchronization, phase coherence, and real-time control and feedback. Achieve rapid development of high performance, synchronous real-time solutions with transparent multi-instrument synchronization.

Typical Testing Applications

  • Quantum research: Instrumented Qubit control systems
  • Multi-channel comms: MIMO, beamforming, multi-emitter test
  • Wireless PA test: alignment of envelope tracking (ET) and digital pre-distortion (DPD)
  • EW: Precisely timed multi-emitter and beamformed A/D systems
  • Other validation applications that require precise timing across multiple chasses and families of equipment. (note: equipment support is also required)

PathWave Test Sync Executive Software enables rapid development of real-time solutions.  For applications that require tight synchronization, real-time contro, and feedback including quantum physics experiments, radar, communications systems, and more.

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