Keysight’s industry-leading Channel Studio enables creating customer-specific channel models. The dynamic modeling capabilities include dynamic mobile speed, multipath profile, range delay, and base station antenna correlation, including noise and inter-symbol interference caused by base station signals as well as distant propagation path reflections to the device.

Channel Studio provides advanced radio channel modeling for:

  • Real-time testing and performance evaluation of devices, radio systems, and transceivers with a channel emulator platform
  • Wireless link and system level simulation software

Compatible hardware platforms:



  • Cellular technologies from 2G to 5G
  • Wireless LAN up to 802.11 ax/be
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle, device-to-device
  • Airborne and satellite communications
  • 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks
  • MANET and mesh networks
  • RF Field-to-Lab

Geometric Channel Modeling

The F9860000A Geometric Channel Modeling (GCM) tool allows you to set up a virtual environment where all transmitters and receivers have a physical location and RF characteristics. Their location, speed, and orientation are dynamic in order to move the radios according to predefined paths with various speeds and orientations.

The GCM tool offers an intuitive and fast way to create dynamic test scenarios. With a couple of mouse clicks, you can add and remove radios and define interlinking conditions between any of the radios. The additional antenna array tool allows simulation of any real-life antenna, starting from a simple dipole and ending up with the most complex massive MIMO antenna arrays. The tool supports both cabled and OTA (Over-the-Air) test scenarios.

F9860A Channel Studio - radio propagation channel modeling software

RF Field-to-Lab Channel Modeling

RF Field to Lab Channel Modeling software

With the F9860200A Channel Studio RF Field-to-Lab tool, you can easily bridge the gap between lab and field testing under realistic air-interface conditions through seamless real-world representation of the environment. This process accelerates the validation of wireless devices and network equipment. The RF Field-to-Lab tool offers a repeatable and realistic lab-based test method that enables you to cost-effectively and quickly verify multiple designs or multiple revisions of a single design. You can also build a library of RF Field-to-Lab test cases containing data measured in various locations around the world.

The RF Field-to-Lab tool imports radio channel parameters (e.g. Cell ID, RSRP, SNR, and MIMO correlation) from the measurement files to create a channel model for the channel emulator. The RF Field-to-Lab tool delivers reliable replication of recorded field conditions without the need for additional modeling or user input.

WLAN Channel Modeling

Today's chipset- and device manufacturers and test labs are validating the performance of new WLAN 802.11ax and 802.11be advanced features under standardized IEEE propagation channel conditions.

The F9860300A Channel Studio WLAN Modeling tool is an easy to use application for generating standard 802.11 channel models. It supports single- and multi user MIMO for different antenna configurations.

S8815A WLAN RF and Data Performance Toolset

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