Notice to EU customers: This product is no longer available due to lack of compliance with EU RoHS directive 2011/65/EU. Keysight will continue service and support to the end of worldwide support life.

Signal Access

  • 34 channels: 32 single-ended data, 2 single-ended or differential clock

Probe Performance

  • < 0.7 pF equivalent load capacitance
  • > 2.5 Gb/s maximum data rate
  • Measure signals with as little as 250 mV p-p signal amplitude


  • Requires up-front design of pro series soft touch connectorless footprint on PC board (no connector on the target board)
  • Micro spring-pin technology provides reliable contact to signal pads even when probing uneven or contaminated board surfaces
  • Top-side retention module eliminates need to access back of the board

Compatible With:

  • Logic analyzers with 90-pin cable connectors Logic Analyzer Cable Connectors
  • All board surfaces, including lead free
  • Industry-standard connectorless footprint

The Keysight E5406A Pro Series soft touch connectorless probe provides a convenient, reliable means of probing your target system without the need for a connector. Pro Series soft touch connectorless probing supports the new industry standard interface for smaller connectorless probing. This new footprint is 30% smaller than our original soft touch probes making it easy to use in designs that are tight on space. The soft touch top-side retention module is mounted on the same side of the board as the connectorless footprint so there is no need to access the back side of the board or for a special retention module for thick boards. Keysight's soft touch connectorless technology ensures a long life of trouble-free probing without the need for special plating or preparation of the probe site.

E5406A Single-ended Connectorless Probe

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